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LRF Enterprises: aligning profit and purpose

LRF Enterprises has been providing various organizations with top-notch business solutions since 2011. 

Founder Lynell Freeman is passionate about using his and his team’s expansive knowledge in cloud-based solutions to help their clients achieve their goals, and improve their bottom lines. 

But this is not enough for Lynell Freeman. He wants more than just happy clients.

A primary goal of LRF Enterprises is to live and work with purpose. And to fulfill this purpose, they have ramped up their corporate social responsibility, aiming to help charities every year, especially during the holiday season. 

Helping people is second nature to Lynell Freeman. Just recently, a mother of three named Nicole found herself homeless after giving birth in hospital. Somehow, her temporary home at the Richmond Hotel, which was provided by a non-profit organization, was given to another family. Upon hearing her story, Freeman pledged $6000 to her cause. Not only was he compelled to act, he called on others to help Nicole and her children too.

Ultimately, Freeman’s goal is for LRF Enterprises to help people and charities in need, as well as providing cost-effective solutions for businesses. Clients who benefit from LRF’s services are encouraged to use a part of their extra profit for good.