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Lost Super Finder – the easiest way to track down your missing superannuation

Australian citizens who have changed names, addresses or jobs have a high chance of having lost superannuation scattered about in different – and perhaps forgotten – accounts. This money could be with the ATO, where the funds are no longer growing, or still with the original super fund, which may still be deducting fees.

Guaranteed, convenient service

Ignoring your missing superannuation accounts could be costly. Anyone can search for lost super but the process can be tedious, especially if you have multiple existing accounts. Lost Super Finder makes it much easier.

They will assign a ‘super search specialist’ to track down all your lost accounts. They can also consolidate your funds into one convenient account with just one set of fees. Fast, effective, reliable and guaranteed, Lost Super Finder uses the ATO portal to track your super. All its services are obligation-free and you can opt-out at any time.

Get the search for your missing super started today at