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Little Extras Lifestyle reports that lounge wear has become a key trend in 2021

Casual and lounge wear, and especially track pants, have become a key trend in 2021 with a recent google trends analysis report revealing the profound effect of the pandemic on google search interest in comfortable clothes that women want to wear at home while they endure lockdowns. Women in particular are searching for and shopping for clothes that they can wear in a home office setting, clothes that they can wear exercising and comfortable clothing generally.

The lounge & active wear sector was already a hot topic pre-pandemic. But in the year since lockdown began — as consumers’ choice of leisure and entertainment choices became severely limited — the casual wear market has become ripe with competition.

Seemingly everyone — from major US retailers to Gwyneth Paltrow teaming up with designer Proenza Schouler for Goop’s athletic line — has gotten into the game. Some shortly before the pandemic, others during.

However for Forbes based retailer Little Extras Lifestyle, the reported data lines up directly with its own sales data, showing a marked rise in clothes that are suitable for indoor activities and work from home, two trends which have emerged with dominance during the pandemic.

Little Extras Lifestyle, Australia’s leading women’s boutique, reports more than 873% growth in new users in FY21 versus the prior year as Covid-19 has forced it’s client base to transition to online shopping.

Leigh Bartholomaeus
Little Extras Lifestyle
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