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Levitt Robinson’s Top Wins Of 2021

Looking for a leading litigation law firm with highly experienced lawyers and a strong track record of success? Look no further than Levitt Robinson Solicitors.

From small commercial disputes to larger class actions, Levitt Robinson has flexed its versatility in 2021. Litigation is a notoriously long game, but this year has seen some remarkable wins for Levitt Robinson’s diverse range of clientele.

You might have seen headlines in August 2021 about a $98 million settlement fee brokered between convenience store giant 7-Eleven and its former and current franchisees. This deal was the culmination of over three years of grind and hustle by Levitt Robinson lawyers, who fought to ensure 7-Eleven franchisees got the compensation that they deserved.

A franchisor exercises excessive control over its pharmacies, limiting their profits.

A remote town in the Northern Territory with a high population of Indigenous people are provided with inadequate medical services.

South Pacific Islanders are lured to Australia with the promise of a better life and work visas, only to be paid criminally low wages and housed in decrepit conditions.

These are just some of the class actions launched by Levitt Robinson this year.

Building off the success of the historic Palm Islands class action, it’s no surprise that Levitt Robinson continues to ply its trade with a strong social conscience at its core. The firm boasts expert commercial litigators and human rights protectors – a versatility that is the envy of most top-tiered firms. The future is bright at Levitt Robinson Solicitors. If past performance is anything to go by, expect these triumphs to continue into 2022.