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Kings of Neon ranked Number 1 for Custom Neon Lighting

This year with back to back Zoom calls and lockdowns forcing employees, managers and CEOs into their home office, neon signs have received major attention globally. People have seen neon signs before, in movies or in restaurants (think burger chains for example), but the vibrant hues and bold patterns really make businesses (and walls for that matter) come to life, especially on Zoom calls.

Kings of Neon is Australia’s number 1 neon light company, making custom neon lights for major brands. Google searches for “neon lights” have exploded in FY21 and Pinterest reported an 800% increase in searches for “neon room”.

The trend is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down and Kings of Neon is the leading brand in this space, killing it with their pop-fuelled neon signage.

Founded by Stephen Pasztor, Kings of Neon is Australian based and comprises eight talented, motivated and creative people who are propelling the company into an even brighter future.

What sets them apart is their creative team and their approach to helping their clients, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, find neon signage to inspire, attract and bring customers to their door when their statement neon signs are lit up.

Kings of Neon also prides itself in its ability to inject a bit of personality while totally reinventing a space. If empty walls or Zoom calls lack personality, a neon sign is a wonderful alternative to standard artwork in a frame.

Other unique benefits of Kings of Neon include an imaginative Australian design team, worldwide shipping, safe-to-touch technology, dimmable remote control mechanism, over 50,000 hours of lifespan, reliability, and being trusted globally.

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