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Jordan Messoud: How he built an Amazon education empire

Jordan Messoud, one of the UK’s most successful young entrepreneurs, has combined his experience and knowledge of e-commerce to create a one-of-a-kind digital course for aspiring entrepreneurs. 


With hundreds of success stories and an enhanced tier-type rewards system, J Messoud University’s courses are creating a new generation of successful online entrepreneurs. 


Humble beginnings


The inspiration behind the course is Messoud’s own life story and the hardships he encountered as a kid with big dreams. 

At the time, a lot of teenagers were looking for jobs. But as a young entrepreneur, I knew that wasn’t the path I wanted to take,” he says. 


At the age of 16, Messoud joined a boot sale market, which he stocked by knocking on doors and asking neighbours for goods they no longer needed. 

“On a good day, I could make £100-£200. On a bad day, when I didn’t have a lot of goods, I would still make £40-£50”, said Mr. Messoud.


Messoud ran this business for two years until he was accepted into a university a long way from home. He was forced to find and pay for his own accommodation. WIth his flare for selling online, it wasn’t long before Mr. Messoud was soon earning more than his university professors.


Friends and family started asking him about his business model so he established a mentoring program to help teach others how to start their own businesses online building it into what is J Messoud University today.


Mentoring as a business


The results of the alumni have been astounding with some J Messoud University students earning more than  £200,000 from year one. As word-of-mouth spread about students’ results, student enrollments increased significant;y to where  J Messoud University now serves thousands of clients annually. 


One student ,Thamsan, wrote: “Jordan’s course has helped me a lot. I now make about 5-10k profit every single month.” In describing Messoud, student Said Maksud testified he was the: “…best mentor you could ever ask for. He is there when you need his help and no doubt you can make thousands.” 


As a successful entrepreneur, Messoud also considers his social responsibility. In addition to his big goal of capitalising on Amazon Wholesale in 2022, he has set his sights on creating a charity in his ancestral home of Ethiopia. His mission is to feed homeless families and tackle unemployment rates by offering skill- based training and primary education.”


Looking Forward


J Messoud University’s continued growth seems assured and Messoud attributes the success of his courses to how easy to understand and personalised they are. “One of the reasons why my students do so well is because of the one-to-one support system I give them. I am literally just a text away,” he says;


Messoud’s passion for helping others succeed even takes precedence over generating his own income and he is thrilled when his students thrive and credit him for their success.