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Jennifer Tapp – Entrepreneur Talks On The Competitive eCommerce Industry is a newly launched discount eCommerce marketplace Inspired by the major triumph of eCommerce bigwigs Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, among many others. It’s no surprise how budding entrepreneurs would like to take a bite of the big industry pie and make their successful niche.

Despite an extremely competitive environment, the eCommerce industry still has a lot of untapped opportunities waiting to be served and discovered. This very reason is why many first-time and experienced entrepreneurs love the challenge and one of those ready to take the plunge is Jennifer Tapp, a simple American who’s always had the dream of having her own business.

To be America’s go-to marketplace for discount deals

After finding a company that offers online business training, Ms. Tapp is finally making the initial steps of turning her business dream into fruition but as fate would have it, Ms. Tapp got sick and had to postpone the entrepreneur venture for a couple of years until becoming well enough.

“My goal is to create America’s go-to marketplace for discount deals on consumer goods, a place that is cheaper than any other website. After a lot of hard work, we launched this year and it couldn’t be going any better. I’ve had to expand the team to deal with the sales volume”.

Ms.Tapp takes pride in the fact that Deals on Tapp started strong and she’s excited for more success to come to her business venture.

“We started with popular categories—highlighting the right products with the right pricing. Some of the brand name products we have include Canon, Bell+Howell, Bentwood, Samsung, Elizabeth Taylor, and Liz Claiborne perfume. We want to continue building on our early success, so launching new product categories such as electronics, kitchen, garden, and jewellery is in our priority pipeline in the coming years”.

While women are the main target market, wants to win over other consumer groups by adding more product categories that will cater to kids and men; so anyone looking for good deals on brand name products can find them here on

Enhancing customer relationships

Through Ms. Tapp’s leadership, she knew right away that on-time delivery within a couple of days is one of the keys to meeting the expectation levels of customers in the modern eCommerce world.

The company has also announced the extension of huge discounts and free shipping for all items.

“Our revenue has grown since our launch earlier in the year at over 236% but we’re not settling there, we want to build on our success over the next year by increasing the number of product categories”. also offers a great platform for vendors where they can clear off-price and overstocked items quickly without the deductions of meaty commission, which is the usual practice in larger eCommerce platforms.

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