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Is Winning Edge Investments a legitimate business?

Independent algorithms gave the review of Winning Edge a high score. Sources have based this rating on the data collected about the site on the internet such as the country in which the website is hosted (Australia), if an SSL certificate is used, and the number of five-star ratings on independent review sites. Winning Edge maintains a five-star review score across social media platforms.

Winning Edge’s founder Dean Evans is regarded as the most profitable tipster in Australian history. He has been featured in prominent media outlets, radio appearances, webinars and podcasts, in which he has provided thousands of successful tips. Dean was banned by all of the major bookmakers in Australia, so shifted to selling his tips so that others could benefit from his experience and insight. Subscribers to his service have been generating profits since 2013.

Winning Edge has accumulated a large base of very satisfied clients who are quick to put in a good word for their service. Testimonials are plentiful including one that reads: “I’ve been a member of Winning Edge Investments for over a year and cannot speak more highly of the service from a results and service standpoint. The member support team and analysts are always quick to reply to emails and are very personable and helpful, and have extended offers and provided advice well beyond what would be expected.

Results are transparent and updated regularly and the quality of the tips speak for themselves with the profit provided.” While some say gambling is all about luck, Winning Edge proves otherwise. Their statistical analyses increase the chances of winning exponentially. Winning Edge pledges to deliver to their customer’s industry-leading tips, ratings, education and service, along with the training and mindset required to continuously succeed with their betting.

Operating successfully for 9 years with an exceptionally positive reputation, Winning Edge Investments is a proven service that provides the knowledge that is critical to elevating your skill level from gambler to investor.

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