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Is Rntr. A Legitimate Business?

Rntr. is very likely not a scam but a legitimate, trustworthy and reliable company that is shaking up the fashion industry towards sustainability.

Based on data collected from its company website and the country in which the website is hosted, Rntr has received a relatively high score from independent algorithms validating the company’s credentials.

Founded by Shanya Suppasiritad, the company taps into a sector growing 10-20 times faster than the traditional fashion retail market and expected to account for up to 1/4 of customers’ closets over the next 10 years. Rntr. has a business model that is shared by digital giants like Afterpay. It shares revenue with brands and offers a plug-in and logistic solutions, improved renter customer journey, high-quality inventory supply, and no stock investment.

The team behind Rntr. have decades of combined experience in fashion and e-commerce. Rntr. sets itself apart because of its people—who are seasoned, talented, creative, and inspired to reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion while providing higher profit margins and access to a sustainable and endless wardrobe.

Just some of the renowned brands that trust Rntr and have already joined the circular fashion system early are X NIHILO, Simetrie and A_C Official with Arnsdorf, Bird & Knoll and Nique launching shortly with hundreds more going live in FY22.

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