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Is OffGamers a scam? Why OffGamers is a reputable & trustworthy company is a platform where gamers worldwide can securely shop for their digital gaming products. As a pioneer of the industry, OffGamers’ services are customer-centric that hope to provide a favourable shopping experience.

OffGamers works by delivering purchases on game cards, game top-up, and gaming tools online within 15 minutes, so you can enjoy gaming sessions without having to wait for the thing you’ve purchased. (In fact, you’re likely to receive it almost instantly). The 24/7 customer service keeps a watchful eye on any problems a customer may encounter. They’re very concerned with customer safety and security. Keeping personal information secure is a priority, and provides SSL protection on all transactions, boasting no hidden charges.

What you see is what you pay. To remain compliant, OffGamers incorporate the eKYC flow when signing business partners up, and when customers buy from them. Additionally, it’s nice to know that OffGamers is tax compliant in the European Union, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Unfortunately, there are some bad actors in the world of gaming, and scammers do exist. And despite years of service, OffGamers is still branded by some as a ‘scam’ site in the hope to profit from their negative press. To resolve this, OffGamers ensures that all of its pages are securely encrypted, making them more legitimate than ever many others in the industry. A regularly updated article, “Scam Alert – Blacklist” on their blog aims to educate customers on scamming techniques and how to not get scammed.

And that’s not the only glowing testimonial OffGamers has received. Cherry Credits COO Sureen Lim says “It has been a pleasure working as a business partner with a professional team like OffGamers”, while WTFast CEO Rob Bartlett confirms “We have found OffGamers to be a consistent and reliable business.”

OffGamers is built on a corporate culture of being friends first, then colleagues. The company’s strong relationships with other industry heavyweights say a lot about their reputation, and should also give customers confidence that they are an authorized reseller of many prominent gaming products.

Karyn Thng
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