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Intelligent Interview Scheduling is Now Possible with Rooster’s New Automation and Bots Feature

In line with the thrust to upgrade recruiter and candidate’s experience through intelligent interview scheduling, Rooster launches its newest automation and bots feature to ensure streamlined interview scheduling.


While scheduling candidates for an interview is a fundamental task of every recruiter, this has been overlooked often, especially during the peak season of hiring new candidates. As technology evolves how employees can give value to their companies, recruiters are also expected to look at their future candidates not based on the vacant roles, but on skills they can bring to the organization. 


Hiring trends however have made the role of recruiters less focused on administrative-related tasks and focused on helping their organizations hire the best talents based on what their company values the most. 


A recent survey done by Gartner touches on how the pandemic disrupted how people would want to work in the future, showing a trend of more employees working remotely, thus relying on tech-dependent ways of communicating with colleagues, or even recruiters. The same survey shows how HR leaders want to prioritize building critical skills and competencies for the organization. This priority task, along with other top priorities such as change management, leadership, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, HR leaders would more likely accomplish once they automate administrative tasks, such as interview scheduling, on their table when seeking the right talents. 


As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted what candidates look for in their desired company, this has also brought an opportunity for recruiters to show how credible their organization is, regardless of whether employees are working remotely or not, by showing seamless hiring experience to their candidates. 


Rooster’s new automation and bots features role is to eliminate the need for recruiters to use old-school methods of tracking panel interview-related responses. By eliminating this, the new feature allows recruiters to focus on more valuable tasks when seeking the right candidate, not to mention bringing no human error during the interview scheduling process.


Rooster ensures to continuously make interview scheduling as easy and seamless as possible.  


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Carla Higham
Rooster by Kognitiv