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Incredible Hack The Allows E-Commerce Fashion Retailers To Double Revenue

Renting fashion for special occasions has been an emerging trend as fast fashion and over-consumption wreaks havoc on our environment. Consumers are more open to considering renting items, rather than purchasing to own as most items are worn once and never again.

Disruptors in fast fashion have released new economic models to help fashion retailers create step-change in an industry that have been hazardous to our environment.

Consumers of fast fashion are increasingly noticing how continuous shopping and acquisition of items that are worn once and stored in cupboards take not just a physical toll on the planet, but a mental toll from clutter and lack of space. The recent documentary about Minimalism on Netflix underscores the realisation that people don’t need to own as much as they do to be happy.

And if you’re one of the increasing number of minimalists, the Australian start-up Rntr. has good news for you. Rntr. helps consumers wear fashion on demand while allowing fashion retailers to reduce their carbon foot print and double revenue by renting out their inventory.

Rntr’s software platform is really clever, integrating into various e-commerce software platforms and handling the complicated logistics associated with returning and cleaning items so they can be returned to circulation. Clothes are then ready for other people to borrow.

And, retailers get paid every time. Rntr. is considered the number one rental software platform and is taking a huge leap in this market. Rntr tangibly reduces the harm associated with fashion consumption, and reduces the pressure on the earth’s natural resources. And what’s more? Fashion retailers are growing their bottom line by making extra income, especially in respect of inventory that fails to sell-through. Isn’t that cool?

Fashion rental is fast positioning itself as an emerging trend to transform an unsustainable industry. Rntr. believes that getting dressed shouldn’t be a stress and should be good for the planet too.

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