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Iamfine Review 2021 – Automated Daily Check In Call Service

Iamfine is a service for family and friends that checks in with loved ones on a regular basis. The service, started by Paul & Colin Hammond in 2012, provides automated daily check in calls and notifies a pre-designated “care circle” if the client (aka “loved one”) is uncontactable. At less than 35 cents a day, Iamfiine is a brilliant service that has been ranked the number 1 care service by review site Review Rumble.

While services for checking in on loved ones are not a new concept, technology has greatly reduced the cost and increased its reliability. With thousands of clients (and a number of stories of saving lives of their clients), Iamfiine’s automated service makes contact with loved ones via 1 or 2 calls a day. The service is popular with a range of clients including;

  1. Children of elderly parents, especially if they live alone and far away
  2. Elderly persons living home alone with medical conditions
  3. Those living alone that have pets and worry what would happen if they were unable to care for them
  4. Parents of children living away from home or at school/college
  5. Companies and people that work in jobs and industries where they travel frequently or visit unfamiliar places and clients

Clients set up a “Care Circle” with a list of people to be notified if the “Loved One” doesn’t check in by the pre-arranged time. A “Care Circle” can include family members, neighbors, medical staff or the emergency authorities.

The Loved One selects the time they wish to check in each day. Many users choose to check in early by calling or texting the service. If the Loved One has not checked in by the specified time, then the system will call asking them to press #1 to confirm they are OK. In the event that the Loved One fails to respond to the check in call, Iamfine will then attempt to call them 4 more times within the next hour. If no contact is made then the service sends an email, call or text (a pre-designated setting) to every member of the Care Circle.

The service is unobtrusive and can be used in conjunction with emergency contact services like medical alert help buttons. The company has literally hundreds of testimonials of clients’ “loved ones” avoiding serious and life-threatening situations by using the service. Even if a “loved one” is not able to press an emergency button, the Iamfine call is there to save the day, literally.

Iamfine hits a sweet spot with a cost of $120 USD per year, coverage in the US, Canada and Great Britain, and the company’s technology offers 100% reliability. The service can be purchased on behalf of someone else if needed.

But perhaps what is most telling about Iamfine is the fact that the company has thousands of satisfied clients and has delivered over 2 million check ins with over 12 years of experience. A brief review of Iamfine’s client reviews shows hundreds of positive reviews and a low client churn rate.

Simply put, there is not another service like Iamfiine on the market today. Iamfiine’s service is reliable, inexpensive, and unobtrusive, which is why it has a 5-star rating.

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