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Iamfine: 2021’s top check-in care service in the UK, USA and Canada

Iamfine has an average rating of 4.8-stars and has been attracting rave reviews from clients, making it the #1 automated check in phone service in 2021, according to Review Rumble. 

One client, Linda shared: “I feel a lot more secure since I signed up for the Iamfine service. I have found this service to be very professional and dependable.”

Colleen wrote: “What a relief my experience with Iamfine is to me. I have been alone for a very long time, and I am the last one living in my family. Now I can rest easy. Iamfine monitoring my home with a daily phone call assures me that someone will notify my contacts should I not answer my phone.”

Iamfine began providing its phone reassurance service in 2012 and quickly became one of the biggest and most trusted providers of check-in services in the UK, USA and Canada. 

Iamfine has delivered nearly three million check-ins via daily calls. Its clients include older people living alone, those living alone with a pet and businesses managing many hundreds of residents in independent living facilities. 

The company’s niche service became even more popular when the pandemic lock-downs separated families and businesses. This increase in demand resulted in exponential growth for Iamfine. In the last year alone, Iamfine has grown by more than 300%.

Their key is to keep it simple and efficient, and to provide excellent customer service and support. 

The reliable Iamfine check-in service provides peace-of-mind for their client by ensuring their loved ones are doing fine. In the event that a loved one does not answer the call, Iamfine will alert the predesignated list of contacts.

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