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How Virtual Personal Assistants Can Help Increase Your eCommerce Revenue

Technology has always been present in the popular imagination, connecting people in ways that might never have imagined.

As an eCommerce business owner, there are probably a lot of personal and business tasks required to be accomplished every day that can never be completed due to the incessant number of emails being sent and Zoom meetings being attended. And if you’re like many stressed out entrepreneurs, wishing for a clone of yourself to increase productivity is not abnormal. Unfortunately, human cloning technology still hasn’t been invented, but what has been introduced is a viable alternative: virtual assistants (VAs).

A digital personal assistant (PA) or a virtual assistant (VA) is not something out of the ordinary. Many people still think that hiring a PA or a VA is only for high-income individuals or celebrities but BruntWork reports that VAs start from just $8-$10/hr, not a high price to get an extra set of hands on deck.

The pandemic has rocketed eCommerce revenues globally. Yet entrepreneurs are finding it harder than ever to keep up with all the tasks involved despite working harder day by day, Virtual assistants can provide your eCommerce business with skills and expertise that are hard to come by, especially for tasks like managing social media marketing or content creation.

If this is the case, then a virtual personal assistant can do great things for your business. The key here is finding someone with expertise in the areas of your business that require more time from you.

There are many ways hiring virtual assistants can help small business owners save money and improve their productivity and profit margins. Whether it’s writing blog posts, doing online research, or taking care of customer service inquiries, everything that VAs do helps entrepreneurs focus on building revenue streams. For small business owners, hiring a virtual assistant can be a gamechanger.

BruntWork reports 5 main ways that eCommerce businesses can make more money with it’s virtual assistants. Spend less time on tasks you hate so you can spend more time on tasks that make you money. Stop overpaying for local talent when you can transcend geographical boundaries and hire for a fraction of the price. Provide better customer support, boost your brand and reach more customers. Finally leverage a scalable, no-risk staffing solution that you can cancel anytime.

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