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How To Measure Team Culture During The Pandemic

The degree to which someone derives meaning and purpose from work may be the most significant distinction between a job and a career, and psychological research has consistently shown that when employees feel a sense of belonging to a team or organization that performance is better, and the employees happiness is higher. A lack of belonging, on the other hand, increases the danger of burnout, and underperformance. This challenge has never been more difficult than during the recent year during a global pandemic.

If companies want to retain staff and attract new talent during the pandemic, they must promote a culture of belonging among workers. This sense of team culture has been harmed during the pandemic as companies have moved away from in-person encounters and instead relied on video chats to stay connected.

One company with an amazing assessment tool for work-from-home teams is Performance Shift, Australia’s leading team culture advisor, and training company. Performance Shift has over 30 years of experience leading corporate teams and high-level sporting teams and their High Performing Team (HPT) Assessment tool fosters psychological safety, alignment, engagement, team cohesion, innovative thinking, and trust, resulting in higher-performing and happier teams.

The Performance Shift HPT assessment tool is a purposeful blend of art and science. Clients obtain worldwide data-based insight into their leaders and teams via assessments and patented diagnostics allowing them to objectively assess their needs and tailor programs for greater effectiveness.

Today, Performance Shift’s team of experts is able to use real-life examples of how to implement corporate culture adjustments that allow teams to not only survive but thrive in the face of external changes like a pandemic. And, although nobody knows what the future will bring, we can expect that Performance Shift’s HPT assessment will help companies make hybrid teams more effective.

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