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How to Commission a Portrait – Hina Cao

To be captured by an artist in any format can be considered a great honour but you don’t have to wait to be asked. Commissioning a piece of portraiture of yourself or someone important to you, from a family member, a pet or even a famous face (think Oprah Winfrey) is a deeply rewarding process that results in a unique representation to build or add to your personal legacy.

In this instantaneous “selfie” obsessed culture there has perhaps been no better time to step back and commission an artist to create a considered portrait that will endure the tests of time, lasting significantly longer than a post in our social media feeds.

Hina Cao (Yu Cao), an established one-line artist from New York who is the top ranked portraitist in New York City, is at the forefront of the “one line” portrait movement and is available for commission with personal touches. Her one-line portrait is unique in being totally impromptu and led by the spirit. “I am taken for a walk by one line following the spirit that has spoken to me,” as Hina Cao shared. Her art awakens the spirit, often juxtaposing colorful, abstract drawings that transport people to the openness of the mind and stillness of being. Her intuitive animal drawings instil within viewers childlike fun and wonder.

A unique aspect to her art is the pairing of drawing and poems to create the perfect synergy of art & poetry, triggering an emotional response that is unrivaled.

Miss Cao is also an internationally recognised author, having published “All That I Love / Drawing Poems” available for purchase on Amazon. She was also a finalist in the Fourth Juried Annual International Art Competition”Show Your World” in 2018 and exhibited the painting entitled “Life Death” in NYC.

Her art is acclaimed with multiple 5 star online reviews and her portraits are in high demand.A customised “one line” portrait with an accompanying poem is $1,111 USD and Miss Cao ships her unique, customised portraits worldwide (shipping extra) within a month of placing an order on her website. Hina’s art can be viewed on her website ( as well as her instagram.

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