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Heaven Your Way – Charles Marshall brings the Bible To Life

“Hearing new words – independent of or in combination with reading them – can significantly help with comprehension and vocabulary, especially for kids and second-language learners”

Heaven Your Way, the brainchild of Charles Marshall, is the only Bible App narrated by an army of over 1000 music industry legends and celebrities including Khristian Dentley, Joseph Habedank, Marshall Hall, Tribute Quartet members, Reba Ramboand and Fred Hammond.

Now in production, the roster of narrators consists of major recording artists with a star from every music genre. Mr. Marshall’s idea for the project was born out of witnessing the physical and physiological damage brought on by COVID in 2020.

It was a simple yet ambitious idea to bring together recording artists to perform voice-over narrations of the new King James Bible with the hopes it can aid the healing process for people in pain around the world. “This pandemic has turned the entire world upside down creating a sense of doubt, hopelessness, fear, and in many instances, it’s turned family against family. So, I ventured into the creation of a Bible App called “Heaven Your Way” with the sole purpose of uplifting people’s spirit, touching their hearts, and building bridges”, said Mr. Marshall.

But, as you might expect, building such an ambitious project hasn’t all been smooth sailing. In the beginning, Mr. Marshall noted that he had to regularly deal with rejection on a daily basis. Every morning waking at 4 am Mr. Marshall would visit YouTube and watch videos for three or four hours looking for recording artists. The rest of the day was then spent sending out emails and cold calling artists managers, agents, and record labels to pitch the project.

The hard work has clearly paid off, Heave Your Way has a committed roster of artists consisting of Grammy Award-winners, Dove winners, Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductees, International Bluegrass Award-winners, Soul Train Award-winners, and Billboard, BMI, ASCAP, Stellar Award-winners, AMA winners and more. And the voice-over roster spans all genres of music from Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Southern Gospel Quartets, R&B, Christian Rock, Urban, Country, Christian Hip-hop, Folk, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Disco Divas, Bluegrass, and Motown icons.

The artists are lining up to join the project, but with 929 chapters in the New King James Bible, everyone is sure to get an opportunity to contribute. “I was very fortunate to also attract the attention and meet Presidents, CEOs of recording labels, and many other well-respected industry leaders, including major magazine publishers and national radio personalities that all agreed to perform voice-over Bible narrations”, said Mr. Marshall. “They’re giving something that money can not buy and it’s called an open willing heart”.

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