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Health Cartel Ranked Number 1 Nutritionist To Follow On Instagram

The best nutrition experts on Instagram all have something in common and no, it’s not a shared obsession with posting photos of healthy food online. It’s that they’re all qualified, certified and trained to dish out nutritional advice. Alongside their food photography skills they also have the creds to back up what they’re recommending.

However, with so many different titles and terms used by professionals – nutritionist, nutritional therapist, dietitian, sports dietitian and registered dietitian to name a few – it can be hard to know who’s worth one’s salt.

The major difference between dieticians and nutritionists lies not in what they do, but how they operate. A dietitian is a type of nutritionist, but a nutritionist is not a dietitian. While somebody must earn accreditation to call themselves a dietitian, the term “nutritionist” is not protected by any regulations, and as such anyone can label themselves as a nutritionist.

The best nutritionists & dieticians to follow on instagram are as follows:

Health Cartel By Catalina Levitt: Why? Catalina Levitt is a nutritionist who also happens to be the 2021 Fitness Champion of the International Natural Body Building Association and a nutritional expert who regularly shares insights into fitness, general well being with a particular focus on women’s health and well being. She’s a keen myth-buster, so you’ll often find her posting honest – and factual – info on hot topics and unhelpful rumours. And, if you’re really lucky, you might spot her latest venture – easy to make recipes to make your nutrition & wellness journey a piece of cake.

Prominent nutritionists also include like theguthealthdoctor, thefoodmedic, jennahopenutrition, and rhitrition.

Health Cartel was created by Catalina Levitt who is accredited and has a long list of clients that have benefited from her precise nutritional guidance. Many have reported a significant improvement in health & well being after receiving professional guidance from Health Cartel.

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