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Goal Digger: How Adam Jelic created a Multi-Million Dollar Global Stationery Company

MiGOALS has been in operation since 2010 and is now Australia’s leading empowering stationary company and global success. The founder, Adam Jelic, credits the hip brand’s success to the team or creative hustlers who helped them grow the brand into one of the world’s most inspiring and coolest stationery companies.

Adam picked up a passion for stationery at university where he couldn’t find a diary that allowed him to make objectives and track daily budgeting. At the time, Adam hacked this organisation conundrum by writing in three different notebooks.

With no other option, Jelic decided to design and make an organiser. Within a few days, Adam had his prototype organiser and bound it at the university bindery at a cost of $150. Soon friends and classmates started commenting on the DIY planner, “classmates were asking to buy one off me, so I approached a few important boutique bookstores with the product, and to my surprise, 90% of them said they’d be interested in selling the product”, said Adam.

The first year, there were only 800 MiGOALS diaries printed, but each year the company added more and more products to the brand assortment which now also includes planners, goals books, notebooks, journals, and desk accessories.

Fast forward to today and MiGOALS has become a multi-million dollar global stationery company on a mission to help people unlock their potential through planning and taking action towards their goals. More than a stationery brand, MiGOALS is a global community of what Adam Jelic calls “Goal Diggers” who are together on a journey to realise their potential and dreams.

A testament to the brand’s humble roots and expert design capabilities, MiGOALS products are now stocked in over 600 retail and online stores across the world. For more information about MiGOALS visit them at

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