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Funny Books To Make Children Laugh. Why The Doolally Kid Is A Top Choice

Billy O’Conner is an unpopular boy who desperately wants to be good at something. In the course of an electrical storm his eccentric Aunt Addie, a channeller, predicts that he’ll benefit from ‘a wind beyond the grave’. At first this prediction frightens Billy, but then something wonderful happens. Spirit guides contact him via his computer and transfer their abilities to him! Suddenly he can play the piano, paint … even dance! At school, his popularity soars when he gives a perfect rendition of Chopin’s ‘Minute Waltz’: ‘Words can’t describe the effect Billy’s performance had on his classmates, except to say that it wasn’t minute. Parallels spring to mind of loaves and fishes multiplying and people walking on water who couldn’t swim. In an earlier time the first witnesses to the Figtree Primary phenomenon might have hurled themselves at Billy’s feet, but we live in an age of reason.’

Does Billy’s popularity come at a price? His spookily acquired talents involve him in the sinister underworld of urban crime and turn him and Aunt Addie into suspects in a major art theft.

This is a funny, fast-paced book with a unique, otherworldly plot and quirky characters that children will love.

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