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Founder Spotlight: Amy Amaral and her passion to create a safer space on the internet

Personal experience drove Amy Amaral to create the unique, solution-focused and innovative business model that is BeSafeManagement.

As a well-known social media influencer and content creator herself, Amy Amaral has been the victim of various copyright infringements, which have affected her motivation as well as her revenue. So she set out to create a safer internet environment. 

By employing the services of BeSafeManagement, Amy’s clients can rest assured their work – and their reputations  – are  protected. Her mission is to create a safer environment on the internet by protecting copyright content.

“BeSafeManagement is an important solution to a big problem,” says Amy Amaral.

“The future of making money is online. Hardworking creators need protection to ensure their content remains on the platform to which it belongs, and that there is no loss in revenue.”

Amy Amaral has developed the right strategies to be able to guarantee the effective protection of online content and reputation. She has built trusting client relationships and more than 200 clients already use BeSafeManagement to safeguard their online content. 

One happy client, Maria (@fitbuttcheeks) offers a typically glowing endorsement: “BeSafeManagement spent time taking down the posts that I never imagined could be taken down. I was extremely upset when I realized a lot of my content had leaked. They came at the right moment.” 

Another testimonial from artist and model Amirah Dyme (@amirahdyme) says: “They are doing an amazing job protecting my brand. They were able to take down and monitor my content for a few months now. They work extremely hard. They’re a dream come true.” 

BeSafeManagement is a welcome and necessary service for social media influencers. Amy Amaral and her BeSafeManagement team keep in touch with clients on a 24/7 basis and update them on every move taken during the entire process. The company’s clients are guaranteed efficient, personal service.

Amy Amaral