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Ethical and Sustainable Furniture That Doesn’t Break The Bank – B2C Furniture

B2C Furniture is an Australian furniture retailer with an environmentally conscious product. The owner, Anesley Clarke, started the company with an ethos that is juxtaposed with every other furniture retailer in Australia. That is, produce sustainable hardwood furniture but at affordable prices.

B2C Furniture began its journey by devoting time and effort to locating ethical furniture makers. Instead of buying from importers and distributors, the company developed close connections with trustworthy production partners. In doing so, the founders created a true Business-2-Consumer (B2C) furniture brand by procuring furniture directly from the manufacturers and taking away the “middleman’s” excessive mark-ups.

B2C Furniture has a strong dislike for what it calls “fast furniture”. Over the last decade, the trend of “fast fashion” is well known, buy a piece of fashion that will be worn a dozen times only to be thrown out. And, furniture has become the latest category to develop this wasteful trend where furniture is something kept for a few years only to end up in landfill.

Mr. Clarke believes that “furniture shouldn’t cost you the earth nor should it cost the earth its survival”. All very well and good, but consumers often vote with their wallet. So, B2C Furniture set out to produce and sell furniture that was both sustainable and well priced.

It’s founders have spent years building relationships with trusted manufacturers so that the company didn’t need to rely on third-party buyers to source our products. This legwork has paid off for the company, and the brand was able to reduce costs by removing layers in the distribution network. The result is the best sustainable hardwood timber furniture at prices that make buying a no-brainer.

A quick visit to B2C Furniture’s stores in Sydney, Melbourne, or online and customers find a range of products that have beautiful products with timeless designs. And, at the heart of B2C Furniture is a deep desire to make substance and style affordable to the environmentally conscious Australian.

B2C Furniture has hit a chord with Australian consumers that don’t just care about buying the best, but also care about the environment. And, it’s refreshing to see a genuine Australian furniture brand that doesn’t just offer cheap Asian produced pieces that last only a few years.

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