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Enchanting Engagements – Founders Chandler & Qusai Create That Special Moment

Planning your proposal can feel intimidating to say the least. It’s entirely possible that asking someone to spend the rest of their lives with you is the most important choice they ever make. Getting it right (or wrong) is a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Enchanting Engagement’s founders, Chandler and Qusai, know a thing or two about getting things right for their clients. From helicopter arrivals to secret overseas destinations, deserted beaches or exclusive restaurants over Central Park, Enchanting Engagements make sure that the perfect moment goes off without a hitch.

Chandler holds a degree in fine art and art history, previously worked as a stylist in New York for years. With a professional career in design, Chandler is the creative director of Enchanting Engagements, working with clients to plan the perfect proposal.

“It’s all about our clients and making it a memorable experience, whatever it takes. Why? This moment should represent the client’s connection and memories because it is their love story”.

Chandler says that the idea to start the business came from friends asking for help with planning their proposals. Not only did Chandler enjoy planning the special events, but also found that an immediate fit with her core skill set, and soon Chandler started getting referrals from others wanting her help.

Chandler’s partner in crime, Qusai, is a trained engineer and is the head of operations. The two partners’ complementary skill sets have clearly been a winning combination for the business and clients alike. The business has no shortage of clients looking for that perfect proposal, and the team has quickly grown with the addition of five staff within the last year.

Qusai and Chandler understand that this service can be anything but cookie-cutter. Qusai notes that each client’s story is unique, and every client has a different budget. Luckily, personalizing the occasion is something Enchanting Engagement’s pride themselves on.

“We understand that each client’s proposal is uber personal, to that degree, we make sure we spend a lot of time getting to know our clients to make sure it’s we get it right”.

With hundreds of engagements under their belts, Enchanting Engagements offer packages that suit everyone’s budget. The company goes beyond flowers, candles, and champagne. Even the basic engagement package includes photographers and unique elements to make sure the special moment is immortalized. And with the royal package, the only limitation is your imagination. In a red ocean of wedding and proposal planners that charge like a wounded bull, it’s great to see Enchanting Engagement’s offer solutions for everyone and every type of proposal.

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Enchanting Engagements
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