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Enchanting Engagements Extraordinary Growth in FY21

Marriage may be a thousand-year-old social institution, but one aspect has changed markedly in the last ten years or so: big event romantic proposals.

Enchanting Engagements is leading the charge by designing unique proposals that fit the personalities of the couples. While getting down on one knee and fishing out a diamond ring will never go out of style, creative ideas on how to leverage this and make a fairy tale moment is now big business.

People are getting married later in life and have more disposable income to throw not just at the ceremony itself, but the bridal shower, bachelor party and, yes, even the proposal.

Capitalizing on this, NYC-based Enchanting Engagements has recorded explosive growth in FY21 by helping clients plan the perfect proposal. Founders Chandler and Qusai started the business in March 2020, and it has enjoyed extraordinary growth, even though a pandemic.

A recent study revealed a spike in the number of marriage proposals from April to November 2020 and Enchanted Engagements was well placed to benefit from this trend. Revenue generated by the wedding industry in 2020 was more than $55 billion and it is estimated there will be about 1.9 million weddings this year.

In short, weddings – and the money they make – are back to pre-pandemic numbers. Lockdowns are over and couples can plan their wedding with certainty again. Given these promising numbers, Enchanting Engagements’ unique business model is right in the sweet spot to take advantage of this romantic resurgence.

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