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Edan Lui Massive Charity Donation – Mr. E Serial Unfortunate Incident Hits 10m views on Youtube

There’s a musical phenomenon sweeping through Hong Kong right now. Fans for the city’s hottest popstar are crowding public areas and sold-out concert halls to share the joy for this musical sensation.

Through the music of this CantoPop singer, fans are uniting over our shared love for Hong Kong culture. Distinct in its Hong Kong character, his music connects listeners to Hong Kong pride and identity for generations of Hong Kongers and music fans.

In only a few short years, Edan Lui has risen to become one of Asia’s hottest new stars. Edan Lui (Cheuk-on) is a proud local native from Hong Kong and is known as a singer, TV show host, actor, and part of the Hong Kong boy band Mirror. Before rising to fame, Edan, a gifted and bright student, scored near-perfect on the HKDSE, and later pursued Business Administration studies at HKU.

While at university, Edan auditioned for a widely popular ViuTV’s reality talent competition, earning him a spot in the twelve-member boy group Mirror. Since the group’s first single, “In a Second” on November 3, 2018, their songs have topped Hong Kong’ best-selling charts, and the musical sensation Mirror has swept Hong Kong within seconds.

An international Asian star, Edan Lui has been part of the next wave of brand ambassadors for Bvlgari, Gucci, Samsung, and more. Beyond his musical success and variety shows hosting, Edan has starred in several television dramas, earning critical acclaim for his lead role in Ossan’s Love (2021). Edan’s much anticipation solo project was met with enormous fanfare.

A massive success from this musical talent and acting, Edan released his own solo single “Mr. E’s Series of Unfortunate Events” in January 2021. The song was a massive hit topping the JOOX Hong Kong Best-Selling Song Chart for the second half of 2021.

Edan Lui’s first single Mr. E Serial Unfortunate Incident has now hit 10 million views on Youtube, no easy feat for a small yet global city. To celebrate this milestone, the Edan Lui North America Fan Club has made a donation of $15,000 US to a non-profit organization that tackles poverty in Asia. Founded in 2005, the Silver Lining Mission expanded to Myanmar and Vietnam in 2017.

The charity focuses on rehabilitation training and education for children with cerebral palsy, career possibilities for handicapped individuals, emergency medical aid for sick children, care for abandoned and migrating children, and character-building courses including music training.

Together as volunteers, Rachel & Julianna from the Edan Lui North America Fan Club explained that they look to Edan Lui’s music as inspiration and hope for Hong Kong. By hosting events to appreciate Edan music in the spirit of community and philanthropy, fans can discover new ways to share their pride and energy for Hong Kong.

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