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Eat Right Atlanta: Starting the business

When Donsha Johnson and Nicole Folkes-Johnson launched Eat Right Atlanta, they did not anticipate the kind of impact it would have.

Founded in 2011, Eat Right Atlanta delivers fresh fruits and vegetables across Atlanta and around the neighbouring areas. Analysis website Review Rumble named it the best fresh produce delivery service in the United States.

Like many successful start-ups, Eat Right Atlanta began by addressing an unspoken need in a community. When the Donsha and Nicole moved from New York to the suburbs of Atlanta, they noticed a lack of healthy and fresh food options.

“I wanted to make our son’s baby food,” says Nicole. “But to do so, I had to travel for an hour to the Farmers Market. As a working mom, I simply didn’t have the time.”

She realized that if she was having this problem, there must be others experiencing the same dilemma.

Eat Right Atlanta delivers

Delivering one basket of fresh produce to a day-care facility ignited word-of-mouth and by the end of that same week, they had added 11 new clients. This was the start of something big for Nicole and Donsha and now they have families and a variety of businesses in the Atlanta region, including hospitals, clinics, schools, and child care facilities. Places where healthy-eating is of utmost importance.

Eat Right Atlanta goes beyond profit. It also functions as a charitable organization and nutrition service. It is like a family that fosters a culture of wellness. A family of four can be nourished for a week with one box of their fresh produce.

Eat Right Atlanta delivers to any location within 60 miles of Atlanta. It has a five-star Yelp rating and has expanded to serve over 400 companies and families. 

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