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Dynamic Development Consulting: passionate about your mission

For more than 20 years, Gloria Fagbemiro has worked with a variety of industries, organisations, and individuals, assisting them to navigate difficult challenges and transformations. Her passionate desire for development inspired her to create Dynamic Development Consulting (DDC), a company focused on management and consultancy.

Long before she found success in her chosen field, Gloria Fagbemiro (MSc, FCMI, FIOEE) was already highly accomplished. She had worked in the civil service in adjudication and advocacy and was prepared for a long career in law. After 7 years, she realised that a career in law was not where her heart was. She was interested in the way businesses start, operate, and grow and was excited by organisational development and this led her to further studies and a change in direction.

Gloria holds a BA (Hons) Social Science and Law, as well as a post graduate diploma in Development Management and an MSc in Development Management.

Gloria had a great start in her new career, as an organisational development expert Gloria provided interim senior executive support to 8 organisations as Director or Chief Executive. In these roles, she led transformation programmes and supported teams in change programmes across a variety of sectors.

Since its inception almost a decade ago, DDC has built a proud track-record of versatility identifying and executing tailor-made organisational improvements for a range of NGOs charities, SMEs, and micro companies. DDC has also advised senior management teams looking to enhance their corporate social responsibility programs.

She is particularly enthusiastic when she can help mission-driven organisations, as this was the driving force that led her to found DDC. There are so many organisations that can benefit from expertise to optimise their growth and help to resolve embedded problems. This is an area of work that involves not just the application of tried and tested techniques but working systematically to uncover blind spots. The goal is always to resolve areas that are creating difficulties and to work collaboratively to put in place sustainable solutions. Essentially, DDC looks at the structure, systems, culture and organisational set up to diagnose problems and implement solutions. Gloria describes her diagnostic and remedial work as very similar to how a doctor might take care of a patient with the same commitment and confidentiality to improve health. Organisations are a series of systems that need to be in optimal health for good organisational wellbeing and an organisational development designs solutions to bring out the best in a business.

Gloria’s unique understanding of commercial sensitivities, essential economic imperatives and specific sector and industry variables has made DDC an outstanding resource for corporate leaders. She is also a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, and a Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. Through DDC, Gloria provides mentoring, workshops, and bespoke training for new and established leaders.

Dynamically Different

The DDC difference, other than experience and passion, stems from deep diving into an organisation, locating problems putting remedies in place. This is not a tick- and-flick consultancy; they care about finding genuine solutions and long-term outcomes. Working with inspirational founders often pioneers and incredible entrepreneurs has provided some of the most interesting assignments for DDC. Gloria says, it’s a privilege to work with great talent to improve organisational performance and business health.

DDC has started a ‘women in business’ course open to female leaders to provide a network of co-development and peer support to grow their businesses. The Dyna Dev Club is a curated group open to businesswomen over the world to share specific challenges and issues as business leaders.

DDC implements organisational development in a practical way. At the heart of its rigorous approach is a desire to effect real change for the key people. Gloria frames the challenge of change as an opportunity to realise growth and overcome problems, it need not be complicated or conflict-ridden, and this gives all stakeholders a sense of confidence and support as they face transition. Gloria says although there are so many technical approaches that you can deploy when working with businesses, the most important aspect is to provide a service that makes sense to the principal stakeholders and moves them to the desired state, in simple terms, this means a clear focus on culture, people, planning and performance and this leads to demonstrable improvements.

For Gloria successful company transitions are more than strategic planning and scaling up. She believes it is equally important to meet the professional needs of employees within the organisation; to bring them along.

With both their head and their heart in the right place, Gloria Fagbemiro and her DDC team are an excellent resource for organisations facing difficult transitions or those seeking to manage more effectively. The plans for DDC in 2022 are about continuity and enhanced services including providing more training options to help managers perform better, developing specialist networks for business leaders to grow and organisational development services that provide sensitive and proactive consultancy.


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