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Dr. Nesly Clerge – Leading Chiropractor and Bestselling Author

“All health care providers can work together for the benefit of the patient.” This is the belief of Dr. Nesly Clerge, DC, NRCME, founder and owner of Pain and Rehab Center. Dr. Clerge is an acclaimed chiropractor in Washington, D.C, recognized for his extensive knowledge, and the quality of his care. Patients will often travel from other states just to be treated by him.

While he has always been interested in the sciences, Dr. Clerge was inspired to pursue chiropractic care when he experienced a minor sports injury as a young man and only a chiropractor was able to help with his recovery. His interest in the field continued to grow from there. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Physiology and Neurobiology, he pursued a chiropractic degree and graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in April 2005.

Dr. Clerge has over 16 years of experience in the chiropractic field. He has earned his chiropractic license from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, as well as other physiotherapy certifications in three different states. Dr. Clerge is also a certified DOT Medical Examiner, a federal program that establishes requirements for healthcare professionals who perform physical qualification examinations for truck and bus drivers. He is listed on the FMCSA National Registry system.

After starting out as an associate doctor, Dr. Clerge took on the challenge of reviving the clinic he was working at when the previous owners decided to shut their doors abruptly. This clinic is now the Pain and Rehab Center that we know of.

What makes Pain and Rehab Center unique from other chiropractors is the fact that it is a multidisciplinary clinic. Dr. Clerge has applied his belief in medical collaboration for the benefit of patients in the practice. This is why providers in the center include chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and a medical doctor. This enables the clinic to provide a wider array of therapeutic services that fit the needs of the patient, making it more possible for them to regain physical mobility despite having chronic conditions.

Despite having faced many challenges in the past, Pain and Rehab Center has flourished. Under Dr. Clerge’s leadership, they have established not only a loyal patient base, but also a very strong online following on YouTube and Instagram.. These platforms provide motivation for many to not give up on moving forward despite their physical restrictions.

Over the years, Dr. Clerge has not only successfully treated thousands of trauma and personal injury patients, but has also taken the opportunity to help others in different areas of the country. At present, he is also the managing director of DC Injury Center, and Maryland Therapy.

While the journey has already been long and perhaps tiresome, Dr. Nesly Clerge looks forward to further improving Pain and Rehab Center through integrating a medical and an advanced physical therapy department in the clinic and providing more access to quality care in the community through health insurance.

His success may have not been without struggle, but Dr. Clerge is a living testament that you can always turn situations around for the better if you put your heart and mind into it. This extends to other aspects of his life as well: Dr. Clerge has also made bestselling books out of his personal struggles over the years. With his track record and his plans for the future, it is undeniable that Dr. Nesly Clerge isn’t afraid to make lemonade out of life’s lemons.

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