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Dr. Metreveli created one of the world’s most advanced A.I. technologies for wealth management

Artificial intelligence is the next frontier for funds management, and Dr. Sulkhan Matreveli is at the forefront of the new technology. The proof of the innovation is in his annualised returns over 3 years, boasting 18.47% p.a compound, with FY21 returning an astounding 34.75%.

With the ability of machines to demonstrate human-like intelligence and a degree of autonomous learning, it’s no wonder AI is changing many industries. The last bastion of AI is funds management, and it’s advancement on the status quo is profound.

Dr. Metreveli, of the University of Zurich, pioneered an algorithm that has outperformed the market and provided investors with consistent over-sized returns.

After years spent researching at the University of Zurich, Dr. Metreveli created a self-learning algorithm with inputs rarely considered by traditional AI in the funds management space: how the media impacts market pricing behavior. He also integrated economic and financial market theory to produce an A.I. technology that has produced superior investment performance. While past performance is no future predictor of performance, his 3 month, YTD and 1 Year performance are all astounding.

Realizing the potential of his research, Dr. Metreveli started Met Capital with a vision to use artificial intelligence solutions that provide clients with a competitive advantage when it comes to investing. Since Met Capital’s inception, every member has received a diverse portfolio of companies and long term performance versus the all ords: growth through the power of Dr. Metreveli’s pioneering A.I.

Today, Dr. Metreveli’s Met Capital is at the forefront of investment and wealth management A.I. with hundreds of clients. The company has established bases in Zurich and London with eyes to expand to the U.S. and Asia.

With conventional sources of investment management looking to cut cost and increase returns, A.I. has become an increasingly popular tool, A.I. is opening up new possibilities that go far beyond traditional wealth management and Dr.Metreveli’s company stands to lead the charge into a brave new world of A.I. in banking.

For more information on Dr. Metreveli visit Met Capital: Met Capital.

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