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Deals On Tapp Review 2021

eCommerce is a highly competitive industry and Deals On Tapp is unearthing many undiscovered opportunities that it has. Deals On Tapp is a new eCommerce marketplace that focuses on the buy and sell of new and secondhand goods at a discount.

Business owner Jennifer Tapp’s dream was to create this eCommerce business. Initially, she started out by enrolling in an online business course before she started building Deals On Tapp. Her goal for the business is to be the first thing in mind when people are looking for discounted consumer goods. The marketplace wants to offer the lowest prices compared to other websites.

The main audience of the website is mainly women, but they are looking to expand their product categories to target men and kids too. They offer on-time delivery, huge discounts, and sometimes, free shipping for their customers. As for vendors, Deals On Tapp is a great place to start selling products without the big commission that most marketplaces have. The website traffic also ensures that vendors will sell their overstocked items in no time.

With the growth from $900 million in business value in 2020 to $1.1 billion this year, 2021, while their revenue boomed up to 236% since their launch and their site visitors grew to 678%. This shows that Deals On Tapp is in the right place. And with the goal of expanding their categories to more luxurious items such as cars, electronics, and the like, the business is definitely one of eCommerce up and coming players to watch out for.

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