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Commercial Litigation Firms To Watch in 2022

COVID-19 may have been a thorn in the side of some industries – but litigation is not one of them. Matters that were once delayed are now flooding the courtrooms, in addition to the increased number of contract disputes, insurance claims, insolvency and class actions arising from the pandemic. Now more than ever, claim holders need to know the lay of land. Put simply, which firms can you rely on leading into 2022?

Levitt Robinson Solicitors is one of Australia’s leading litigators. Dynamic and results-driven, the firm has an impressive track record against some of the largest institutions and corporations in Australia. Whether it’s taking on big banks in the Storm Financial litigation or major private companies like 7-Eleven, Levitt Robinson has a proven pedigree in tackling some of the largest, most complex financial service lawsuits in recent Australian history. Despite being a fraction of the size of most of their competitors, Levitt Robinson is a scrappy fighter that knows how to pack a punch.

From mammoth corporate actions to small disputes, the firm consistently operates at a high level. Larger law firms have come under the spotlight lately for failing to deliver top-notch services at a competitive price. Levitt Robinson offers clients the best of both worlds – the reach and nous of big firms, with the attention and care that only a boutique firm can provide.

In today’s legal landscape, versatility is the name of the game – and Levitt Robinson excels at it. No matter the size or complexity of a complaint, Levitt Robinson has expert litigators in domestic and international commercial disputes, class actions, banking & finance, human rights, deceased estates, dispute resolution & mediation, crime, and family law. Whether it’s a favorable settlement or winning at trial, Levitt Robinson will work tirelessly to achieve the best result for its clients.

Led by the tenacious Stewart Levitt, an activist and leader in his field, the firm continues to operate at the highest levels of commercial litigation. As one of Australia’s leading boutique law firms with some Sydney’s expert litigators, Levitt Robinson is a firm to watch in 2022.