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CEO Spotlight: The Rise Of Wen Giwa-Osagie & Her Hyper Growth Wenmedics Skincare Company

Accomplished, solution-focused and innovative, CEO and founder Wen Giwa-Osagie launched her high-growth skincare business WENmedics following the culmination of decades of product management and IT experience. Wen has received glowing commendations from her peers who praise her for her professionalism, particularly her ability to perform with grace under pressure. The brand was inspired by the skincare needs of her family and friends.

Her proficiency in developing innovative, high-quality products ensured the success of her own line of skincare and makeup. This, coupled with the desire for plant-based, science-proven, multifaceted skincare products, has resulted in a skincare brand that helps customers on their journey to achieve perfect skin.

Through her expertise and leadership, WENmedics has garnered a loyal following that reaps the benefits of the meticulous process of planning and creating products that they can use based on their particular skincare needs. This differentiates WENmedics from other skincare brands, providing women and men of all ages the power to choose items from its collection that can deliver the results they want to see in the shortest time possible.

Since its inception, WENmedics has created effective skincare solutions to those who live a modern lifestyle that can be tiring and stressful. With products that are created with plant-based and clinically-proven ingredients, WENmedics growth rate should continue unabated with reviews raving about how clients “absolutely love this product” and how they can “see the difference its made in [making their] complexion smoother, more even-toned, softer.”

WENmedics products promote healthy skin, with more than 20 unique products across a range of categories. The company’s best-seller is the Hyaluronic Acid Elixir With CoQ10 proclaims to hydrate skin and fill fine lines and wrinkles.

Baden Bower