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CEO Spotlight: The rise of Simon Ree and Tao of Trading

Purpose-driven, accomplished, and highly motivated, CEO and bestselling Author Simon Ree launched “Tao of Trading” to help people live more creative, joyful and inspired lives. Ree has also received 5-star reviews of his book of the same title and has gained praise on his Options Academy online education program. This includes Rick Thirion’s,“Despite being involved in financial markets for over 25 years, I came out of it with new technical analysis tools and trading setups to add to my arsenal” and Ann Parry’s,“Simon is extremely experienced and knowledgeable and he shares his knowledge very generously. His presentations are easy to follow and can be accessed at any time.”

His proficiency in the investment industry, backed by three decades of experience, ensures the success of his book and online business. After spending most of his corporate career helping people who were already extremely wealthy, he now puts his formidable skill set to help those who could benefit from it more. What sets his courses apart is he teaches new trading techniques that benefit both beginners, as well as those already highly proficient in the field. 

Since its launch, Tao of Trading has successfully imparted outstanding trading skills to those who have already read his book or taken their flagship course entitled “Options Academy Elevate”. Both references are crafted in such a way that even those without financial backgrounds can understand as the brand lives up to its vision of “helping people live more creative, joyful and inspired lives by removing the burden of financial stress.”

Ree continues to educate people about the financial markets and how it can help others generate a new income stream or accelerate their wealth creation potential. He shares, “I want to continue to spread the message that anyone with the desire to learn can generate a second income and achieve investment returns beyond their wildest dreams with the right education.”