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CEO Spotlight: The rise and rise of Lynell Freeman and LRF Enterprises

A tech-savvy entrepreneur and business consultant, Lynell Freeman’s enterprise specializes in business consulting, e-commerce, real estate and technology. 

Freeman works with business leaders, athletes, musicians, and artists in various capacities, including digital advertising, workforce management, film, music, real estate, IT and more.

His journey started in Virginia, where his passion for business in the digital sphere inspired him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Strayer University. Freeman also earned an applied science degree in Multimedia Engineering and Digital Marketing from Tidewater Community College, and has obtained professional certifications in the human capital management market, specifically on UKG Dimensions and Dell Boomi Integration platforms. He is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management which focuses on Information & Industrial Systems and Blockchain and Distributed Smart Contracts from the University of Central Florida.

In 2011, Freeman launched LRF Enterprises International, a business consulting and media company offering top-notch business solutions. 

Freeman and his team use cloud-based solutions to create new processes to enable businesses to adapt to the changes in the workplace. They offer their services to both B2B (business-to-business) and DTC (direct-to-consumers) clients. 

LRF is up to date on the newest business and market trends, allowing them to create cutting-edge solutions for their clients. They’ve adapted quickly to the changes brought about by the pandemic which ultimately includes the rise of remote work.

Goal-oriented and determined, Freeman aims to create global and national partnerships, build customers and client relationships, enhance his brand’s products and services, and grow his digital and physical footprints. 

With his knowledge and passion for business, Lynell Freeman seems headed to great heights.