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CEO Spotlight: The rise and rise of Aaron Mostow

Driven by a passion for creative storytelling, Aaron Mostow launched his media and boutique agency Catapult World to provide full-service consulting, creative direction, marketing, development and production of high-quality original content.

This agency specializes in attracting urban, lifestyle, health & wellness, and youth culture audiences.

Mostow has received accolades for his creativity and imaginative ideas across the multimedia spectrum. He is an architect who lays down the blueprint to enable collaboration to flourish. He builds the bridges that unite highly-skilled creatives.

“Aaron has an uncanny ability to develop concepts for TV and film. Independently, he is an incredible artist and has his ear to the ground when it comes to pop culture,” said Brian Williams, an Executive Consultant/Entertainment Strategist, and a mentor of Mostow.

Mostow studied at the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California in 2000 with a focus on Creative Writing, Music Technology and Music Business. However, his college education was cut short in 2002, when Aaron was in a nearly fatal car accident with the police and went to jail. After his release, and with a newfound perspective, he dedicated his life to pursuing the career of a full-time creative. This was the basis that prepared him to grow and share his multimedia expertise. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

In 2007, Mostow began his journey into the world of production through sound engineering. He collaborated with producers, performers and others to achieve the desired sound for productions, such as music recordings and films. In 2015, Mostow was an executive producer for Steady Mobbin, an original TV series he created, wrote and produced. At this time, he was also preparing the groundwork for Catapult World. In 2017, along with two friends, Mostow released Going Places, a documentary that explores the evolution of electronic dance music, which is now available on Amazon Prime. In 2022, Mostow rises even further and is set to release a fiction book titled Love Hertz, along with the development of an adult animated sitcom about the cannabis industry titled Trimmers.  

Through Mostow’s enterprise and creativity, Catapult World has garnered a remarkable following. The company’s impressive growth has been achieved through Mostow’s vision of taking projects to new heights by transcending the mediums of advertising, broadcast, digital and film.

Catapult World has provided full-service consulting, creative direction, marketing, development and production of high-quality original content to the likes of MTV, Nike, Sony and Activision.