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CEO Spotlight: Jordan Messoud – one of the UK’s most prolific young entrepreneurs

Highly successful and self-made entrepreneur Jordan Messoud makes a living out of selling products online. He also runs J Messoud University, an online course that equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to succeed.


Speaking it into existence


When Mr. Messoud was young he repeatedly told his friends he would be rich someday,  practising what he now calls ‘speaking it into existence’. At 13 years of age, Messoud realised the school canteen was too expensive and seized upon a business opportunity by sourcing and selling better value snacks as an alternative for students during their lunch breaks. This was the genesis of his entrepreneurial mindset.


By the age of 16 Messoud was already a  driven entrepreneur. He joined a boot sale market where he was the youngest seller and procured his stock by knocking on doors and asking neighbours for goods they no longer needed. “On a good day,” he recounts, “I could make £100-£200. On a bad day, when I didn’t have a lot of goods, I would still make £40-£50.” 


Messoud ran this business for two years until he was accepted into a university a long way from home. He was forced to find – and pay for – accommodation, which made him realise how everyone needed income to survive. There were job opportunities for university students but Messoud realized he could make more money as an entrepreneur. 


During his time at university he learned everything he could about making money online – affiliate marketing, cryptocurrencies, and e-commerce, to name just a few. Messoud realized he had a talent for e-commerce and decided to dive into the world of online retailing where he eventually started his own Amazon FBA business achieving where he cut his teeth on the world’s largest marketplace. 


Pivoting to online entrepreneurship


Messoud researched profitable online products. He enrolled in a variety of courses run by successful mentors who taught him everything he needed to know about e-commerce and affiliate marketing. From his earlier days reselling other peoples’ goods at bootsales Messoud had progressed to developing and selling his own branded goods online via Amazon. Word of Messoud’s expertise as an e-commerce seller quickly spread and he soon found his advice was in demand. Keen to pass on his expertise, he started running a mentorship program to teach others the key to online retailing success.


Today, via J Messoud University, he ensures students don’t make the same mistakes he did. J Messoud University helps aspiring entrepreneurs build their own online businesses, by teaching them how to find the best products to sell, the best suppliers, and how to promote internationally. 


The course includes more than 20 easy-to-understand videos that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and he offers 24/7 live support assistance. Mr. Messoud noted that, “no experience is required, all you need to bring to the table is the determination to succeed, we/I can teach you the rest”.


In addition to building his online ecommerce empire, Messoud now also boasts an impressive property portfolio and has recently made some shrewd investments in parking spaces whilst also being an Angel investor for  some of the UK’s most promising startups. One thing is clear, it would appear that he made good his promise as a 13-year-old boy that he would one day be very successful.