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CEO Spotlight: Henry Vila’s meteoric rise designing and buildings micro apartments in Australia

As the founder and CEO of Stone Horizon, Henry Vila has led the company to the mantle of the #1 micro-apartment builder in Victoria. Under his leadership, Stone Horizon has grown 50-100 per cent every year since its founding, with the capacity to create up to 16 properties at a time.

Education and Career

Vila is a Registered Domestic Builder and Project Manager with more than 25 years’ experience in the delivery of major projects across Australia. His background in property development means he knows what it takes to build properties from the ground up, literally. This knowledge has also made him a more effective investor.

Henry Vila graduated from Melbourne Business School with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). He quickly realised his ambitions lay outside the corporate world. His dream was to develop buildings and facilities, from design and construction to completion. 

After years of helping customers in generating money through property development, he realized the value of passive income and set out to design and build properties that would provide investors with a consistent source of cash flow without the hassles.

In addition to heading the Stone Horizon team and managing his property portfolio, Vila serves on the committee of the Registered Accommodation Association of Victoria, the state’s premier organisation for rooming house operators.

The Mission of Stone Horizon

In 2016, Henry Vila made his biggest move in the property industry when he launched Stone Horizon. After 2 years of research and development, he evolved Stone Horizon into Australia’s only specialised rooming house builder.

While employing existing planning and building requirements, Stone Horizon assists you in developing a residence with up to 9 rentable spaces, each with its own bathroom, kitchenette and sleeping area. This offers a number of benefits to investors, including passive cash flow, reduced vacancy risk and high tax efficiency.

Many investors have benefited from Stone Horizon’s unrivaled expertise, which has yielded an average annual return of 17 per cent. One satisfied client, Janine Smith, says, “Investing in a Stone Horizon property is allowing me to regain my freedom. I am even organising a trip around Australia in a brand new motorhome.”

The core mission of Stone Horizon is to assist investors like you in achieving excellent returns while making a difference in the world. Stone Horizon now helps customers with all elements of their property journey, beginning with design and building and expanding to include property management.