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CEO in the Spotlight: Joe Woodham’s Meteoric Rise in UX Design

Joe Woodham is unstoppable in the world of UX Design. When he started out as a consultant in his twenties, he could not have imagined he would go on to create Australia’s leading UX consulting firm.

Woodham is the founder and CEO of Torii Consulting, which was recently ranked #1 UX Design firm by Review Rumble. He started the company in 2012 with the goal of helping innovative businesses scale their design teams using solid strategy and great people.

While he is now internationally recognised for his expertise in creating world-class customer experiences by fusing technology with large-scale systems, it wasn’t always plain sailing. Woodham says he was plagued with uncertainties in the early stages of his journey.

“My biggest fear when I started the business was the fear of failure,” he says. “I was scared I wouldn’t be able to make it work.”

Woodham cultivates the professional development of his talented team by proactively fostering design thinking. He understands that behind every number is a person.

“We create long lasting relationships with talented design professionals who operate at the cutting-edge of their fields,” he says. “Our goal was to make Torii Consulting the best UX Design agency in Australia.”

Another reason behind the success of Torii Consulting is Woodham’s low-key leadership style. He has led the company to the top without any fuss or noise. He doesn’t just fly under the radar; he is the radar.

Along the way, Torii has built strong relationships and partnered with several well-known corporate brands like Telstra, NAB, Australia Post, Coles and Origin. They have also worked with some of Melbourne’s most successful start-ups, including Redbubble, CultureAmp and GreenSync.

“The fact that we’ve worked with these big companies makes us especially effective in helping SMEs create superior customer experiences for their customers, in half the time and at a fraction of the cost of other UX Design firms,” says Woodham.

Torii Consulting is a strong presence in the Melbourne design scene, with a reputation for problem-solving, research and human-centred design. Woodham’s – and therefore Torii’s – philosophy is to constantly look for ways to improve the end-to-end experience for their clients across every touchpoint.