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Caren Tevanny launching Deliverance, taking her craft to the next level

On the eve of the release of her new single “Deliverance”, arguably the hardest part for any musician/songwriter, who has seen her share of the limelight and who has literally offered blood, sweat and tears all in the name of craft, is the time when the crossroads become clearer, and the choices left are either to cling to the safety of familiarity, or evolve with the times.

There’s almost a parallel to an artist’s early days breaking-out, except that the stakes are higher, and the competition is fiercer.

Yet the true artist cannot be consumed by such worries and second guesses, which is why musician Caren Tevanny is seemingly more fired-up and enthusiastic-than-ever about writing and revealing her latest material.

Having done everything from being an underground heavy metal femme fatale, to joining one of the country’s most successful assembly of all-female rockers in the early part of the millennium, many longtime listeners and followers expected her to simply ride-on as far as the mainstream music wave would take her, and ultimately, become an act that would bask in the nostalgia of it all, and occasionally find ways to rehash her past work. But surprisingly, Caren Tevanny is currently putting together some of her finest work yet in the studio, if she may say so herself.

Of course, despite all the talk of reinvention mainly aimed to help her continually evolve as a current force to be reckoned-with, longtime fans need not fret as Tevanny’s new musical journey outside her former styles and boundaries has her simultaneously looking deeper inward for her songs’ lyricism and arrangements. In fact, a lot of her new material celebrates the raw honesty and emotion behind the music and its words, and the arrangements and production of the unreleased tracks in the works are proving to be less complicated, and more honest and straightforward.

In short, instead of displaying her musical madness at full capacity, Tevanny is more inviting, and comfortably willing to bare her soul with her upcoming singles. In short, it’s no longer striving to be progressive, but is geared towards both wider accessibility and, again, a challenge to tread formerly uncharted territory.

That doesn’t mean Tevanny has abandoned her old ways completely. It is, after all, still her main inspiration and goal for playing and creating as it was since day one: to reach people honestly and represent who she is at her deepest level.

Caren Tevanny
Caren Tevanny