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Caren Tevanny finds her true north in the modern era of rock

With two full-length major label albums under her belt and Deliverance, her newest single coming out shortly, numerous side projects and live performances stretching from modest, underground bar gigs to full on stadium-sized festival appearances, you’d think that singer, songwriter, guitarist extraordinaire Caren Tevanny has done it all.

After making a name for herself as a rarity in the Philippine underground music scene as a self-taught, hard rock guitar shredder and doing time in numerous hard rock/heavy metal-inspired outfits to being a driving force in the all-female rock outfit General Luna, Tevanny has always showcased the ability to adapt and perform well in any situation.

Tevanny is now ready to take the reigns with her latest musical project and take her strengths and combine the best musical elements she has immersed herself in and produce a newer, more universal batch of songs meant for a bigger audience.

Caren keeps the music simple and channels those emotions with no taboo whatsoever – and comes up with a mixture of radio-friendly rock, strong power pop hooks and sensibilities, without abandoning the requisite edge she has always loved from her beginnings as both a musician and a music fan. Instead of being restrained by the limitations of being in a group of separate individuals and tastes, this is a celebration of her strengths as an individual songwriter and musician: and she is no longer shy to think and play outside of the box, and displays a rare characteristic of not alienating audiences in the process.

So get ready to be captivated once more by the beauty of her music, and the spellbinding delivery of her musical force majeure as she is about to conquer the music scene once again, and break down the barriers.

Caren Tevanny
Caren Tevanny