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Business Coaching is an emerging trend in FY22 & Why Scale Up Growth Is Leading The Charge

The idea that business coaching is only for a select few is dying. Business coaching is an effective executive development method, and leadership programs like those offered by Scale Up Growth Partners allow the scale a company needs to accomplish it. Ten years ago, employees and employers alike considered coaching an option for those who were struggling.

However, in today’s new world of work, business coaching is regarded as a valuable addition that all employees can find beneficial. It’s also an effective strategy to build up young executives as they begin to find their footing, rather than waiting to pinpoint problems to solve.

A recent report by Keap and Emergent Research found that the vast majority (94%) of small business owners surveyed had specific financial goals for their business and yet only 65% were confident in achieving them.

This leaves 29% of small business owners—that’s nearly 1 in 4 —who have set specific financial goals for their business, but who can’t confidently say that they will achieve them. This is where business coaches and mentors come in.

Business coaching helps your business tackle specific tasks, challenges and objectives. A business coach helps set the objectives, determines the number of sessions needed to meet the goal and charges a fee for the service. This is what Scale Up Growth Partners offers to big and small companies.

Scale Up Growth Partners is leading the charge in the business coaching industry as it was recently shortlisted as one of the Top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies in APAC 2020 by HR Tech Outlook.

The company offers business leaders and leadership teams 4 different programs designed to help companies with their growth strategy. Using expert advice, powerful tools and an internationally proven framework, each program is designed to help organisations sustainably scale their business.

We found Scale Up Growth to be unique. It coaches the 10X Business Growth Blueprint which is made up of 6 Pillars – Strategy, Leadership, Team & Culture, Execution, Cash & Profit and 10X CEO Effectiveness.

As founder Jonathan Herps (who was trained and certified as a Scaling Up coach by the inimitable Verne Harnish and his team) comments “we stand on the shoulders of giants” and brings the lessons, frameworks and tools of the great business minds.

Scale Up Growth incorporates the best of EOS, Scaling Up and TEC, and also incorporates the Frameworks, Methods & simple real-world Tools of global Thought Leaders, including Jim Collins, Topgrading (Brad Smart), Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni), Outthink the Competition (Kaihan Krippendorff), other Thought Leaders to 10x the knowledge of your leaders to increase the profitability of your company.

“What stands us apart from other CEO Coaching & Mentoring groups is our growth curriculum”, said Mr Herps. CEO’s need a path to real development breakthrough and high performance.

A recent industry-wide research study Executive Coaching for Results surveyed nearly 1,000 organisation coaching practice managers, internal coaches and external coaches on a variety of topics. The survey found that all participants agreed that “leadership development programs with additional coaching” will be the most likely ensuing trend over the next few years. This is not surprising. We see more organisations designing coaching into existing leadership development programs.

With the recent changes and trends in the coaching industry, we can see the increasing demand for leadership development programs. And Scale Up Growth Partners is on the right track as it continues to be one of the top business coaching organisations in Australia.

Baden Bower
Baden Bower