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BruntWork reports outsourcing has become a key trend in 2021

Outsourcing as a service has become a key trend in 2021 and one of the leading outsourcing companies reports more than 70% growth in the last month as Covid-19 wreaks havoc on the working world.

Companies have experienced severe restrictions operating or even staying afloat. While the trend to e-commerce gathers pace, workplace “shutdowns” have resulted in more businesses reducing their costs significantly by outsourcing their workload overseas or to remote teams.

The key location for outsourcing is the Philippines due to high rates of education, excellent English skills & low labour costs. This is where remains a leader in building incredibly effective remote teams. According to a recent Deloitte survey, 59% of businesses are already outsourcing and this trend looks like it will grow exponentially through FY22.

Digital roles are one of the most popular roles to outsource, with Google trend data showing a surge in searches for SEO Managers, SEM Analysts and Social Media Marketers. Digital roles also encompass everything from software development to IT admin roles. The logic in choosing a location like the Philippines is essentially why pay someone double to sit at home locally when a company can pay significantly less and see the same or better results from a talented worker in an overseas jurisdiction.

Interestingly companies report that more work gets done when it is outsourced. Half of companies surveyed by Boston Consulting Group say they will outsource more work than they will do in-house. supports the final outsourcing trend of 2021 which has been a readjustment in attitude towards outsourcing services. With companies’ profit margins under significant pressure, many businesses have had to step back and reassess what services they execute internally and whether the costs are generating a return. Businesses are cutting back the local resources that are superfluous and reinvesting into outsourcing to countries like the Philippines.

About BruntWork helps companies set up remote teams in the Philippines, especially digital, software development, telemarketing and customer service roles.

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