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BruntWork Reports 700 Percent Revenue Growth in 2021 As Remote Work Becomes More Commonplace.

A shift potentially as monumental as the movement of workers into factories during the Industrial Revolution has swept the globe, only this transition happened in months, and moved people in the opposite direction—back home. Despite its speed, we’re still in the earliest stages of the Work-From-Home Revolution, and it could take years or even decades of trial and error to get right.

BruntWork, a leading outsourcing company helping SMEs set up remote workers offshore, reported 700% revenue growth in 2021 as remote work boomed in popularity during the pandemic. Unlike the competition, BruntWork have teams across admin, sales, support, finance, payroll or web development functions with low-cost, high-output talent hand-picked and individually selected for the needs of each client. Virtual assistants were also a very popular category for the company.

BruntWork specialises in setting up distributed workforces for companies of all sizes, including VAs, social media managers, google ad specialists, customer support & sales. BruntWork is able to source the best talent for clients located all over the world. BruntWork’s recruitment process is not limited to one single geographic location. BruntWork handles everything for clients; from hiring, payroll and deployment of computers & IT installation and maintenance.

The key difference with other outsourcing firms was the calibre of BruntWork employees. Employees are trained to think, speak and sound like one of the client’s local team. Powerfully trained by gifted entrepreneurs with over thirty years of combined experience in running remote teams out of the Philippines, BruntWork’s staff are expected to deliver massive output and perfect English at 50% to 70% less cost of their local counterparts. The result is staff that are capable of transforming output and bottom line in equal measure. A 30% unemployment rate in Manila keeps them working at a level you just don’t find in your own backyard.

Eight months into the pandemic, a few things can be stated with certainty. Among them is that the remote-working genie is out of the bottle. One academic study in Britain in August 2021 found that nearly 90% of employees who worked from home during the lockdown want to continue doing so at least some of the time. Nearly half want to work remotely all or most of the time. Well over half the respondents to an IBM survey of American workers in May said the same thing. BruntWork’s top-line growth reaffirms this trend, as more and more companies realise the benefits from outsourcing as company headquarters continue to remain closed.