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BruntWork Ranked Australia’s Number 1 Outsourcing Company

BruntWork has been ranked Australia’s best outsourcing company by Review Rumble. What separated BruntWork from the competition was their ability to service both established enterprises or a growing startup with fully managed outsourcing solutions with hourly rates that range from $4 to $8 an hour, which can make a huge difference to a company’s bottom line.

Unlike the competition, BruntWork have teams across admin, sales, support, finance, payroll or web development functions with low-cost, high-output talent hand-picked and individually selected for the needs of each client.

Also, BruntWork specialises in setting up distributed workforces for companies of all sizes, including virtual assistants, customer support & sales. BruntWork is able to source the best talent, no matter the location. BruntWork’s recruitment process is not limited to one single geographic location. Review Rumble’s ranking noted BruntWork’s ability to scale client’s up or down as a key factor in BruntWork achieving the number one position. In 2020 BruntWork will have an estimated 400 clients globally.

The key difference with other outsourcing firms was the BruntWork employees. Employees are not trained to the standards of a mere standard outsourced operation but instead are trained to think, speak and sound like one of the client’s local team. Powerfully trained by gifted entrepreneurs with over a decade of experience in running remote teams out of the Philippines, BruntWork’s staff are expected to deliver massive output and perfect English at 50% to 70% less cost of their Australian counterparts. The result is staff that are capable of transforming your output and bottom line in equal measure. A 30% unemployment rate in Manila keeps them working at a level you just don’t find in Australia or the USA.

BruntWork has been given numerous awards from clients over the years and Review Rumble’s 2021 award just confirms BruntWork’s position at the top of the industry. To check out BruntWork’s award winning service visit them at

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