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BruntWork Is Number 1 For Outsourcing Call Centre Staff

BruntWork is the leading global outsourcing provider ranked number 1 for call centre services by review website Review Rumble. No longer are customers accepting operating on a nine-to-five basis or relying solely on phones to contact a business. Customer expectations these days are sky-high, and if they’re not met, then the customers will move on to companies that can meet or exceed them. BruntWork provides call centre staff to companies globally, 24/7 on a remote basis to ensure no single point of failure.

Without offering world-class call centre services, it is very easy for a company to fall behind the competition. Consumers today expect to be able to communicate with brands on a 24/7 basis and across multiple channels.

Ever-increasing consumer demands and expectations as well as rising costs are why contact centre outsourcing has become a popular choice for businesses across the globe. By utilising an outsourced call centre, companies can reduce costs while still ensuring their customers are receiving high-quality service.

Outsourcing call centre services to the Philippines is not just about keeping customers happy, though; it can offer much more for businesses. Alongside the customer service role, agents can manage tasks such as inbound sales, customer acquisition, back-office support, and technical support as needed.

Clients come to us not just to help them reduce operating costs but also, and more importantly, to enhance the customer experience across all customer touch-points. It’s not just the obvious front-office services, but also the non-customer-facing back-office ones that can have a significant impact on the overall customer experience.

By outsourcing call centre services to the Philippines, businesses can quickly scale the number of agents, which helps create the most efficient workforce possible. This level of efficiency allows clear forecasts of future staffing requirements, helping to improve profit without detracting from the quality of the service provided to the customers.

While traditional outsource providers maintain offices, the new breed of outsourcing companies specialise in remote workers. The pandemic, unbearable traffic and unreliable weather in the Philippines has made remote work the most popular mode of running call centres. With no single point of failure, companies like BruntWork ensure that companies running inbound and outbound sales can maintain uptime even if part of the Philippines suffers power outages or level 4 lockdown.

The cost of operating out of the Philippines is still significantly lower than maintaining a call centre in Australia. BruntWork claims cost savings of 80% compared to hiring locally.

There’s no doubt that companies globally will continue to outsource their call centre requirements to the Philippines. In terms of cost, English-language proficiency, cultural affinity, and service capabilities, there’s really no alternative. It’s also what makes the Philippines the world’s largest and leading call centre outsourcing destination, contributing an incredible AU$35 billion to the economy each year and employing 1.2 million Filipinos.

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