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Broker’s LLC’s Founding Broker & CEO, Claudia Serna

Claudia Serna loves being a broker. She founded one of the first real estate agencies to establish a 100 percent commission program in 2004, which allows agents to be fully independent. Since those early days, Broker’s LLC has grown from strength to strength. Today it’s one of the largest non-franchised agencies in Florida, across three locations and almost 500 affiliated agents.


“It’s about your goals, not mine,” Claudia tells customers. “Guiding clients to fulfill home and lifestyle dreams is at the forefront of our values.”  Those professional values are very important to Claudia. 


After a bad experience with a shady broker early on in her career, she decided she wanted to build something of her own – a business that would prove you could be successful in the real estate game while playing fair and being trustworthy. Driven by this dream, she founded Broker’s LLC on integrity, trust and teamwork. 


“Driven” is probably the best word to describe Claudia. This is the woman who once said “Keep your passion strong enough to burn through any obstacles in your path” and who claims, as her professional motto, “Innovation is the key to survival.”


Not content to rest on her laurels, she continues to strive in her career, balancing the needs of clients and agents with a big-picture strategy to grow Broker’s LLC. Claudia Serna has received the Certificate of Excellence from Broker?Agent Advisor, for “achievement, potential, leadership, ethics, community value, experience, capability, and trust”.


Claudia also gives back to the real estate community. She shares her hard-won wisdom freely, with regular blogs and advice on a whole range of topics, including the best ways to increase natural light in your home, the benefits of buying vs renting, and tips for making a good first impression when showing a property. Why? Because Claudia loves to be a broker, and is committed to improving the industry every single day. 

Claudia Serna
Brokers LLC