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Boss Wealth Group Ranked Number 1 For Accounting & Bookkeeping

Boss Wealth Group, founded by Daniel Kirkovski was ranked number 1 for accounting and bookkeeping services by review website ReviewRumble.

It’s so hard to find a good accountant, so hard, in fact, that it has become something of a running joke in the small business world.

Boss Wealth Group, founded in 2016 by Daniel Kirkovski (CA), has provided accounting, business consultancy, and tax consulting services for thousands of clients and is now rated as one of the best small business accounting firms in Sydney.

Holding a undergraduate degree in accounting, a Chartered Accountant’s certificate and a Master’s degree in taxation from the University of Sydney, Mr. Kirkovski is able to offer clients a higher level of advice that translates into savings that far outway the cost of Boss Wealth Group’s fee.

Mr. Kirkovski has built one of the most successful small business accounting and financial consulting firms over 6 years through a passion to improve the lives of their clients by increasing their wealth.

“Many Australian companies are not aware that they may be eligible for a refundable tax offset of up to 43.5% for eligible research and development expenditure”, says Mr. Kirkovski.

Saving on your tax is only one area that Mr. Kirkovski saves clients at the end of the tax year, but saving surplus funds can be a gamechanger for small businesses.

Boss Wealth Group has grown its services to include a suite of complementary tax, accounting & financial solutions, including but not limited to Government Grant advice, tax planning, business advisory, and bookkeeping. And now, with so many clients requiring additional services, offers mortgage advisory services, lending, succession planning, and superannuation advice that have further added value for clients.

Even with the latest and greatest accounting and tax software, it is still more profitable for small businesses to farm out financial and tax account projects to a CA firm, such as Boss Wealth Group, that can identify savings not possible by in-house accounting software.

The reality is that accountants help take the pressure off of analysing your accounting books and making decisions that affect cash flow. Boss Wealth Group reduces the cost of hiring a CA-qualified accountant by achieving savings for small businesses that help small business owners. And, Mr. Kirkovski’s Boss Wealth Group has established itself by providing trustworthy and objective advice for clients across a range of accounting and financial areas.

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