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Best Chapter Books For 8-12 Year Olds

In addition to her ‘Zach’s Story’ series, Wendy Milton has written five stand-alone titles to amuse and engage children.

The Doolally Kid is an exciting, funny tale about an unpopular boy who acquires talents that make him popular. Unfortunately, Billy’s spookily acquired talents also involve him in the sinister underworld of urban crime, and turn him and his eccentric Aunt Addie into suspects in a major art theft.

In The Enchanted Urn, Tim Barnett is plagued by a nightmare involving an old man, a dog and a golden urn. This nightmare proves to be a window into the past and leads Tim to conclude that he must recover the golden urn. If he cannot recover the urn, his great, great grandfather will be doomed to a cycle of rebirth as a dog!

In A Stitch in Time, Sam Pendlebury travels into the past to prove the innocence of his grandfather, a convicted murderer. Can Sam and his friends find the real murderer? And if they succeed, won’t this mean they’ll be changing the course of history? What will be the consequences?

In Missing Uncle Izzy, Ben Haversham has attended the funeral of his uncle but suspects, somehow, that his uncle is still alive. This suspicion proves correct. The funeral was indeed a sham and his uncle is in hiding from a group of iconoclasts who destroyed the town’s Big Prawn. Then the iconoclasts kidnap Ben! Will Uncle Izzy emerge from hiding to save his nephew?

In Taking Stock, the second-hand shop operated by Neil Toovey’s elderly Uncle Rex is often closed and doesn’t seem to get any customers, even when it’s open. Where does Uncle Rex go when he’s not in his shop? And how come no one ever sees him entering and leaving by his front door?

These are entertaining tales full of mystery, intrigue and humour. Children will love their eccentric characters and exciting, otherworldly plots. Currently, Wendy sells her books in Australian bricks-and-mortar bookstores, with her global clientele purchasing her paperbacks and eBooks via Amazon and other online stores. This link will take you directly to Wendy’s Amazon page.