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BeSafeManagement’s extraordinary growth in 2021 a testament to the high quality of their online content protection

With the tremendous rise in online activity, particularly in creating and monetizing exclusive content, it is no surprise that digital copyright infringement is also at an all-time high. 

BeSafeManagement’s mission is simple: to build a safer environment on the internet by providing copyright protection to content creators. 

“Many women and men resorted to making money online as they were losing their jobs during the pandemic,” founder Amy Amaral says. “It became clear that the future of making money is online and with that there needs to be enhanced protection for the hard working creators of original content. We want to make sure this content remains on the right platforms and there is absolutely no loss in revenue.”

BeSafeManagement began by providing six months of free service in exchange for social media posts, reviews and online mentions. This early model paid off a thousandfold and Amy Amaral’s company is now recognized as the pioneer brand for safeguarding online content.

The company works with some of the most prominent content creators on the internet, helping them increase their revenue by protecting their work from copyright infringements. From humble beginnings, BeSafeManagement has grown to become the trusted partner of more than 200 highly influential content creators, and has built a robust online presence with 116k followers on social media. 

BeSafeManagement’s incredible growth in 2021 confirmed the value of its niche yet popular service and they are now frequently tapped by influencers and some of the most prolific social media and talent agencies, including Verge Agency. 

The goal of BeSafeManagement is to ensure content creators can safely continue generating the content their fans love.

Their meteoric 2021 growth looks set to continue in 2022 and beyond as demand for their service soars. 

Amy Amaral